Akombe resigns… a mother’s perspective

If you watched Akombe closely, you’d notice her constant wide smile… Even when there was nothing to smile about.

I once commented that that was the “fakest” smile ever. A smile hiding pain, pressure, guilt and frustration.

She may have loved her job and may have wished to do well by her bosses. But motherhood is no joke. The fear for her life, her child(ren), the guilt of innocent children dying because of an organization she worked for. Her integrity to protect, gave her all the courage to do what she did.

What do you expect from a mother, who talked about her child on live press. Could she have been sending a message? As a mother I wouldn’t sit back and watch children killed following instructions from people ‘I work for… At gun point ‘. It would haunt me.

Resigning was a wise idea. It came a little late but it’s better late than never.

No Reforms No Elections #revolution #changeweneed

Our children need a better Kenya.


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