Battle is wOn!


You probably already know it is the breast cancer awareness month. Thing is , guys are not limiting themselves, because cancer is cancer. My confession is, until early this year, I had never been close to anyone battling cancer, rather , no one close to me ( be it family or friend ) had been through cancer. I always wondered why conquering cancer was quite a big deal, why they support each other, why they come together as a community and got each others back, why they talk about it with zeal…until I met Her.

We come from the same hood, went to the same campus, met a few times in campus , through a mutual friend. I remember Dorah introducing me and asking me,” do you know her? She’s from Mamboleo too”

I was like, ” yeah, I have seen her around but we have never really talked” that was just about it.

I always had a feeling that Dorcas was a happy soul, full of energy. I had a first real conversation by the hospital bed, surrounded by her many true friends. I did not feel out of place, I blended in so well, I did not realize we were in hospital. I was amazed at how strong she was. She gave no room for self pity or pity talks from friends. I was Inspired. How could someone going through cancer of the stomach have so much positive energy . We had another date, at her home…I have never been the same. I put on a smile even when in pain. I put on a smile even when all seems lost. I put on a smile because every battle is won in the mind. I put on a smile because it all begins with me.

Going through Dorcas’s Facebook page alone will make you realize just how much time people waste complaining and grumbling, when they could wake, pray, slay, concur and be positive. She shares her journey with her friends, who always got positive vibe as well.

Some of my favorite Facebook updates are:

” Cancer is so limited, it cannot take away my smile…”

“Cancer cannot invade the soul, it can not shatter ones dreams, nor can it silence my courage…”

” Joshua 1.9-  Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous, be not frightened neither be dismayed for the lord your God is with you wherever you go…”

I do not have to go into the details of how cancer drains emotionally, physically and financially. We need to support each other in all ways and that is all that matters. While at it, go get tested, screened, get early treatments and access information on all types of cancer. Create awareness. This month, different organizations and hospitals offer these services for free or at subsidized rates.

Dorcas always finishes her updates with the hashtag #battleison I always comment #battleiswon . Seeing her courage reminds me that everyone has their own different battles. It is you to choose whether to dance in the rain or not. You choose to take the bull by the horns or sweep it under the rug. However way you deal with your battle will determine the amount of support you attract from your circle of people. I am happy we have a bond, does not matter how long it took to spark. That is why I am team #istandwithdorck.  Always on fleek!



I still got the Eclairs for you Dorck *smiley face*…I got you, on that.

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