“Good writers borrow, Great writers steal ” some guy said this…

I am an ardent Biko fan. I enjoy his blogs, they make my day. My favorite one that stuck in my system was a real talk one. I love real talk, like brutally honest talk.

Society today amazes me. People derive pleasure in lying to themselves, their family and friends. You will be lucky to find anyone real. OK , sometimes I may be tempted to go down that road, (I am human. Temptation is real…) , but then again I tell myself, Kony’i  gan’go? Translation: It’s not worth it.

Then I go back to what Biko once wrote :

This city is run on image and impressions; smoke and mirrors. Nobody is ever as happy as they seem on social media. Nobody is ever as beautiful on social media as they are in person. Nobody’s life is ever as rich and fulfilling as it seems online. Relationships and marriages aren’t as happy as they look. Nobody is as brilliant or as bold or as intelligent in real life as they are on Twitter. Social media is like a woman wearing a corset. Always remember that. Don’t believe anything you see around, it will make you feel inadequate, unaccomplished and empty. And it will distract you. This city, my friend, is one big costume party where people show up wearing what they choose, not what they have. So pick yours, just don’t believe that that’s who you are .

Bang! Reality is that the moment you start being you, and living within your means, true happiness sets in ,then real success follows. Allowing social media to run your life, giving you stress, is total madness. Do not stress about who has what, where, how, because that may not be their reality. Be proud of what you have while at it, work towards getting better. A closer look and you may be better of than those people you stress over ,to be like. Lakini those who live a double life also, God is watching, lol!

Be real, be you, be happy.



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