‘Me Time’ Under the Acacia

Up until four weeks ago, Liam was still breastfeeding (or shall I say, I was still breastfeeding Liam). It is not easy to stop. Both for me and Liam. You know breastfeeding creates a bond that both parties never want to let go. It pained me but it had to happen especially because Liam’s second birthday was around the corner plus, I had to be away for a while, for official duties- that would bring food to our table. I found better ways to maintain that bond though, like hugging him more often,saying I love you frequently and even going swimming. He will be a good swimmer.

I got a call from Acacia Premier Hotel to attend a cocktail party on Friday night (the last time I was out on a Friday night was few months after Liam was conceived). At first, I was skeptical about going for the writers meet up. But then again I said to myself, Fridah, you need to bond with other people too.people who will connect with you at a professional and adult fun way. People who will define your net worth.

Who am I not to google sample cocktail dresses and shoes? I realized that I had the perfect dress for the event. I made an appointment with my hairdresser,mama Peter at her well furnished mabati salon.

After making arrangements on how Liam would be comfortable while I was away, I glammed up and made my way to Acacia.

The writers meet up was organized by Acacia Premier Hotel . Being new at the bloggers block in Kisumu, I was keen to knowing my fellow bloggers and other news writers. Quality Wine, Whiskey and beers flowing, conversations flowing, smiles and laughs flowing, selfies and photo-shoots flowing…everything was flowing well. I enjoyed every moment Under the Acacia. The service by the waiters and waitresses was awesome I did not have to pull a Lilian Muli stunt. I met new friends as well caught up with the existing friends in my short list.

Daniel Ominde launched his website, Ominde’s World, (danielominde.co.ke), inspiration galore! Chatting up-close with Nancy Okutah, Kayz, Nyakach, Linda, Omollo Kevine, Avannah, Nyadida and other writers was amazing.

At no point did I feel guilty as a mother, coming out to network and have some ‘me time’. As long as Liam was safe and I was going back to him. Motherhood can be a cocktail of fun, love, tears, blood sweat and more love. But this does not mean you should ignore your needs. sometimes you need to go out and meet new people, dance ,chat, smile and laugh. You need to look good and take selfies (if that is what makes you happy). In the end our children grow up and fly away to their own nests. Make time to treat yourself once in a while, you will be a happy mother and in return, Baby will be happy too.


I will always say that motherhood is the best gift ever. Now do yourself a favor and be happy for the sake of your children. Raha jipe mwenyewe. Glam up and head to Acacia for the best treats in Kisumu. Save the date for September 17th, when Oliver Mtukudzi comes live to Acacia. By the way you do not need a sponsor or a blesser or whoever to do it for you, in fact, you will feel better if you do it on your own. Hubbies in the house should also take the privilege to treat their wives occasionally, just to make them happy…happy wife, happy home, remember?

I had a good time Under the Acacia, I went back home Happier than I left.


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