Today as I  alighted  from the matatu, I bumped onto her. She was on her way to work. Overjoyed, we exchanged pleasantries and rushed to the treatment room to get my (TT) Tetanus something shot and a fresh dressing.  I took her contacts and we also took a selfie! Yaay!

Impressions. First impressions are my thing. What you give me on the first encounter, is what I take. I take that as the real you. well, depending on how you present your self or how frequently we meet after that, I may change that perception. ( Lol! ,I know how I sound). Anyway, been a while since I met a brutally passionate and sweet person. Yesterday, I did.

Flashback…So I cut my palm, quit deep a deep cut (didn’t realize until I saw the white layer underneath the epidermis. No, I was not  cutting veggies or a fruit. Being in the Beyond Zero lorry, on a rough road led to the cut.

“Do you have a first aid kit?” I asked her.

Oh no girlie, umejikata? Is there a first aid kit here? Anyone with a kit? No, I think I have some gauze here in my handbag.Press it hard on your palm so that you do not bleed, she said with a concerned tone.

“Just hold on, I will attend to you when the vehicle stops, we are almost there,” she reassured me.

Right that moment I knew that this was a good person. A good nurse. A passionate one for that matter. I knew she was different from any other nurse I have ever come across in my life.

When we finally arrived at Kanyamedha, Monica attended to me, first aid led to stitching of the cut. While one nurse thought that my cut was not worth stitching, Monica insisted that that was the only way I could heal better and faster. What amazed me is the enthusiasm that Monica had while she stitched my palm away ( I did not shed a tear, I kept smiling despite the pain)

Monica walks around with her tools in her handbag. She carries all tools she may need to help a woman deliver while in a matatu, plus a leso!. I wonder how many nurses carry vital tools in their handbags. In a group of ten medics, she was the only one with the vital medical equipment (not from the hospital) , but her own personal equipment. Now that is what I call passion.

The day was a busy one, very many clients, I had to leave without taking Monica’s contacts or even saying goodbye, worse without taking a selfie with her  (haha,yeah, I know). I had a feeling though , that our paths would cross again.

Overnight, I bled kidogo so i needed my dressing changed next day. But I wanted Monica to do it. Where was I going to find Monica?

Today…I met her!

I had never met Monica, but the way she spoke to me, the way she attended to me, the way she attended to other clients as the day went by, I loved her right away.She did not take her lunch until late in the evening, when there were lesser clients. I kept asking myself what if Monica was not there yesterday, what would have happened to my palm? She was God sent. I was touched.I was Inspired.

How often do we meet people so real, so passionate and loving? especially strangers in a world where everyone suspects the other, making it hard to be kind and helpful to a stranger?

Monica taught ma that when I wake up, I do not know whose path I will cross, but no matter who it is, I will give a good first impression. I will be passionate when I help my neighbor. I will love what I do for a living because it will have an impact on someone, I may not know who. God also has a reason for bringing people into our paths. He has it well planned even before it happens. Lastly, I will always be humble, stay true to myself and focus.


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