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The woman I am…

Hustling got me researching and digging on a few things. I was talking to a colleague about few pointers on how to be in the tender business. He told me something about registering with YAGPO, either as a youth, person living with disability or a woman.

I told him I would want to register as a woman.

“What shows you are a woman?” he asked.

“What shows you are a man?” I responded.

A few pointers and laughs…but the question got me thinking. really, how would i define myself as a woman. what kind of woman am I. Should I refer to myself as a girl or a woman . A few years back “wee mama”  was offensive to me. Today , not really, depending on the context used. Mama/Mwanamke – woman is a title that holds a lot of water. To me, a woman is a queen inside and exudes it to the outside. Being a queen means being in charge of your queendom. It means you have your shit together. There is nothing as admirable as a woman/ lady who has her shit together (I mean everyone has their own shit happening…everyone)

Honestly i admire the woman I am today. I will refer to myself as a young Woman.

As a young girl I was extremely shy, it scared the hell out of me. I have gone through things in life that have made me more confident. I now know that to get what I want, I have to go for it. I now know that everyone is approachable, even if you’ve never seen them smile or met them before. I now know that the things I have achieved so far, I did them because I believed in myself.

Today I love the woman I am (still a working progress), because I know my potential.  I am not just sitting here waiting for things to fall in place, but I am working towards being who I always dreamt to be. Being a mother has taught me things I can not explain using mere words. Today, I am open minded, I look at two sides of the coin, I evaluate before I react, I know when it is worth showing my claws, I know what is worth my breath, I am more patient and definitely more loving.

The woman I am today feels complete and content with what God has blessed me with. The woman I am today, has room for growth and is always willing to learn because bado sijafika.  I need like minded women to associate with, to talk to, to share opinions with, to empower and to love. I have zero tolerance to pettiness and gossip. I do not sugarcoat things, I say it as it is. I do not condone backbiting/ back stabbing (whatever that is, WHOEVER DOES THAT). I do not entertain negative energy…i avoid it or run away from it.

The woman I am today is confident, walks with my head held high, high self esteem and ready to concur the world.  I recognize that I would not be the woman I am today without God. That is why I will always strive to be the Proverbs 31 woman, the Woman that God will look at and SMILE and say That is the woman I created, that is the woman I want in Her.



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