The last two weeks, I have experienced, the hard way that using a Kabambe is not a mean fete especially if you are used to the touch-swipe Android phone.  I have also known that some events in life happen have a way of making us look at things differently.

Last week, Sunday, was just like any other normal family gathering. Sharon had flown in from Nairobi, (the city has not taken her away from home , its good she remembers where she came from) and Candy had come in from campus. Mum, Dad, Peter, Liam and I were in a great mood (to receive goodies of course and catch up) Having these ‘Visitors from the city’ meant chapatis,Pilau,kuku, freshly blended juice and a tonne of gossip and LAUGHTER.

As mum came in from the day’s hustle, papa was left outside to lock the gate and ensure everything outside . Sharon and her juicy gossip got us laughing our heads off…Liam in the mix.

“Kickeko yenu inaskika 3km away(your laughter can be heard 3km away),” said mother on a light note

That’s the last I recall of a happy secure family. Four men with a gun and crude weapons ordered everyone to lie on the floor. They came in, Papa had his hands up in the air. They had already harassed him at the gate. Having a gun pointed at you is nothing compared to money and expensive phones and laptops. We all cooperated through the approximately 20 minutes operation that seemed like 20hours. The nitty gritty of the operation would make me feel like I am writing a statement to the police.

While i lay face down, under the dining table, holding Liam in my arms, trying to calm him down by breastfeeding him, (through the robbery) , I talked to God

“God, you promised me a guardian angel, remember? I asked you to let Keith be my guardian angel, our guardian angel. May my guardian angel come through at this moment, above all ,may your will be done” I whispered in between a number of baas baba, baas baba, nyamaza baby, niangalie baba, shika nyonyo.

They left, Candy with a soft tissue injury , no money, no phones no electronics.But all of us alive. One of Mama’s friend said,” robbery is like death. You will go through trauma, fear, anger, but it is a determinant of how strong you were before this.”

I smile today because they left a stronger family.They left a more united family. We almost lost each other, and when you get the chance to have one another, my friend you will call each other everyday, no matter the distance. We love each other, more because we allowed ourselves to be vulnerable in the presence of each other for you can truly love one who is capable of being vulnerable in your presence .

I have knowledge that some things in life happen for a reason. I am not attached emotionally to any material thing, I will get another. I will not let money or material stuff make me disagree with people I love.I will not let fear control me because God has got my back, My guardian angel is right here with me. I am living with a positive mind always looking at three sides to the coin.above all avoiding any form of negative energy that will weigh me down in life. Until next time dearies, forgive, let go and Let God.

Read  Mathew 10.28.








10 thoughts on “LIFE THINGS”

  1. Well its about time Ms Paulah blogged.
    Your 1st blog .whoa, that’s a lot to take in at once.
    I salute you for the courage to articulate it.


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