Akombe resigns… a mother’s perspective

If you watched Akombe closely, you'd notice her constant wide smile... Even when there was nothing to smile about. I once commented that that was the "fakest" smile ever. A smile hiding pain, pressure, guilt and frustration. She may have loved her job and may have wished to do well by her bosses. But motherhood…


Our Day? Everyday is Women’s Day 

Happy International Women's Day to all the women who keep it real, live within their means and hold constructive gossip. To those who wait on God for their man as well work towards getting that man. To The women who have birthed, nurtured or are in the process of doing so.  To the women who…

#DFH #42

Exactly my thoughts… Tay Tells it so well


Dear future husband

I don’t know if I’ve asked or told you this before but I feel I need to again.

Please be consistent.

Don’t get me used to certain gestures and then suddenly stop when you see fit or feel like it.

My actions and my love is never inconsistent. I don’t expect yours to be either.

I pay attention to everything and if you can do certain things when you’re still trying to “get” me. You should continue doing those things, if not more, to keep me. I take note of everything, remember that.

I don’t have time for mediocre. So if you’re here to be inconsistent then I don’t want it. #imnotsettling

Just a heads up,

From your future wife

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Tragedy to Triumph: How sewing lessons are changing the lives of women with fistula

A woman, a mother can withstand any storms in this world. We are stronger than we think. We give life and still bear the scars of it. We are a miracle. Happy early International women’s day to all deserving women. #amazingstrength #amazingstories #hope

Girls' Globe

Written by Samantha Bossalini, Development and Communications Associate 

The city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania is anything but quiet. An increasingly modern metropolis overlooking the Indian Ocean, Dar is home to 4.4 million people, and is one of the fastest growing cities on the African continent. It’s a cacophony of noises, sounds, colors, and smells; ironic for a city whose name means “Place of Peace.”

On one of Dar’s residential streets, however, there is a peaceful haven. Behind a stone wall sits the Mabinti Centre. The simple house hums with the sound of sewing machines.  The women working at the machines range in age from 16 to 30-years-old. They greet visitors with smiles and a warm welcome: “Karibu!” Bright kanga fabric and canvas slips beneath their whirring needles as an instructor crouches down to talk them through a difficult stitch, or to share encouragement. In the garden, ladies gather…

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Wine tasting 101 at Sovereign Kisumu Hotel


My Turquoise Glass

Did you know that wine tasting is best done between 8am and 10 am? No coffee before that? That you should use the same wine glass all through the different wines you taste? That before you taste you should check the color of wine against the light, smell it, swirl it in the glass then taste it? That different food go well with specific wine? And that same wine has different taste every year?

I have always wanted to go for wine tasting. Now, Kisumu does not have much of that but last week Friday, John Legebeke hosted a wine tasting event at Sovereign Hotel. The moment I stepped into Legend Bar, I knew that what I spent on my ticket would be worth. The set up was amazing, classy, and comfortable. Music from the young talented live band was top notch.

I would say this was wine tasting 101…

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A woman’s worth 

A queen in my own right. What’s your worth?


This is for the all the ladies out here.

I’ve recently been exposed to a situation that tested me.

In it’s all I was appaulled at how women can turn on women because of insecurities.

Don’t get me wrong, we not perfect, I mean I judge and then feel bad about it, I act on emotion and not logic heck I sometimes even say eff life and just enjoy. I make wrong choices, I rise and I fall time and time again.

But when it comes down to handling an issue, I can proudly say that I no longer look to blame others especially not my fellow women, and I look to see how I could have handled a situation better and deal with the actual problem and not with the easiest target.

It’s so sad to see that we expect our male colleagues, husbands , boyfriends or even brothers…

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Chaos, Control: Four Poems for Uncertain Times

Chaos… i always loved poetry


It’s been a difficult, tense few days for many in the US and around the world. But even — if not especially — when words fail us in our everyday lives, there’s still poetry. Here are four powerful voices on the uncertainty of freedom, the complicated process of healing, and more.

Ra, “Chaos?

These are the first tacos
after 438 days in jail.
She’s smiling,
focusing on food,
and freedom.
She’s ignoring the noise,
the flickering lights,
the customers in mismatched clothes,
the music,
the people on phones,
the cleaning supplies,
the smells,
the traffic outside,
the door without locks.

She’s smiling,
but every time she sees this picture,
she tries to see
the freedom.
but can only see
the chaos.

Visit Ra’s post to see the photo that inspired this poem.


Photo by Making and Marking, shared in response to the recent Daily Post challenge, “

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Battle is wOn!

You probably already know it is the breast cancer awareness month. Thing is , guys are not limiting themselves, because cancer is cancer. My confession is, until early this year, I had never been close to anyone battling cancer, rather , no one close to me ( be it family or friend ) had been…

A woman’s Burden?

  Last week Monday was World Contraception day. I got the opportunity to celebrate it by attending Kisumu county celebrations held at Nyalenda Health Center. After a couple of skits and poems, it got me thinking deep on what society  really perceives about contraceptives. Who is contraceptives meant for? Man/woman. How accessible are contraceptives to…


"Good writers borrow, Great writers steal " some guy said this... I am an ardent Biko fan. I enjoy his blogs, they make my day. My favorite one that stuck in my system was a real talk one. I love real talk, like brutally honest talk. Society today amazes me. People derive pleasure in lying…